What to expect


We at RRO are often asked what to expect with the weather and believe us when we tell you that is very difficult to answer. Hunters can expect the weather to be in the 50’s to 70’s early in the season with the possibility of snow into November. Our late season hunts from late November through the end of season we encourage hunters to pack for snow. We had a few weekends last season when it turned into blizzard conditions but most of the time the daytime temps will be in the 30’s to 40’s. Our hunting style may vary depending on the size of the group but a hunter can expect to spend most of the day walking and occasionally posting at the end of a field. ​


Early in the season birds are easy to find and are generally fairly easy to get up but as the season progresses birds will become educated and try to bust from cover before the hunters get into position. Hunters will find mostly pheasants on our properties along with sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridge and possibly a prairie chicken. Please get familiar with bag limits and species identification before you come out.


We encourage our hunters to bring dogs along on their hunt but please remember to try and get your dogs in shape before they come out. With the number of birds we have dogs that aren’t used to that and have a hard time staying under control in those situations. It is also important to make sure we have plenty of water on hand during the hunt especially early in the season. We do have kennels on some of our properties but travel kennels will be needed in most cases.


We have a variety of lodging options for our hunters due to the different hunts we offer. Our lodging includes apartments, houses, hotel rooms and larger lodges to accommodates big groups. Please let us know the type of lodging you prefer.

Local Contacts

Gregory and Miller have local vet clinics with an emergency number that will be available through your guides. ​

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